CGRN : Collection of Greek Ritual Norms

The CGRN project aims at providing a new Collection of Greek Ritual Norms. It involves online and commented editions of inscriptions which are problematically called “sacred laws”, most famously in the still much-cited corpus of F. Sokolowski. As a starting point, the project is primarily focused on Greek inscriptions that prescribe sacrifice and purification, or that codify such ritual practices.
The project is financed by the FRFC-FNRS (no. 2.4561.12) for 2012-2015 inclusively.

The CGRN can be found at the address

Coordinators : Vinciane Pirenne-DELFORGE, Jan-Mathieu CARBON, Saskia PEELS.
Collaborators :
Stefano CANEVA, Sylvain LEBRETON, Stéphanie PAUL, Elie PIETTE, Zoé PITZ, Rebecca VAN HOVE.