Kernos, supplément 1 (1992)


Robin HÄGG (ed.), The Iconography of Greek Cult in the Archaic and Classical Periods. Proceedings of the First International Seminar on Ancient Greek Cult, organised by the Swedish Institute at Athens and the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (Delphi, 16-18 November 1990)
230 pages, 96 illustrations. Prix : 40 €

B. ALROTH, Changing modes of representation of cult images
F. VAN STRATEN, The iconography of epiphany in Classical Greece (summary)
P.G. THEMELIS, The cult scene on the polos of the Siphnian caryatid at Delphi
I. LOUCAS, Meaning and place of the cult scene of the Ferrara krater T128
A. VERBANCK-PIERARD, Herakles at feast in Attic art : a mythical or cultic iconography ?
E. LOUCAS-DURIE, Some comments on the scene on the Cabiric vase Athens, N.M. 424
Ch. SCHEFFER, Boiotian festival scenes : competition, consumption, and cult in Archaic black figure
G. NORDQUIST, Instrumental music in Greek cult representations
R. HÄGG, A scene of funerary cult from Argos
U. SINN, The ‘Sacred Herd’ of Artemis at Lousoi
U. HUBINGER, The cult in the ‘Sanctuary of Pan’ on the slopes of Mount Lykaion