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TOMASSO, S. & V. ROTS. 2017. What is the use of shaping a tang? Tool use and hafting of tanged tools in the Aterian of Northern Africa, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, Springer, 29pp.
DOI 10.1007/s12520-016-0448-3

ROTS, V., E. HAYES, D. CNUTS, C. LEPERS & R. FULLAGAR. 2016. Making sense of residues on flaked stone artefacts: learning from blind tests, PLOS One

ROTS, V., B. HARDY, J. SERANGELI & N. CONARD. 2015. Residue and microwear analyses of the stone tools from Schöningen, Journal of Human Evolution. Special Issue 89: 298-308.

ROTS, V. & H. PLISSON. 2014. Projectiles and the abuse of the use-wear method in a search for impact, Journal of Archaeological Science 48: 154-165.

ROTS, V. 2013. Insights into early Middle Palaeolithic tool use and hafting in Western Europe. The functional analysis of Level IIa of the early Middle Palaeolithic site of Biache-Saint-Vaast (France), Journal of Archaeological Science 40, 1: 497-506.

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Veerle ROTS
Prehension and Hafting traces on Flint Tools. A Methodology
2010, 298pages, 204 illustrations
ISBN 9789058678010
Published by Leuven University Press